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1hr – £28
2hr – £50
10hr- £250
20hr – £500
40hr – £1000

Where I teach:

All of Midlothian,
All of East Lothian

This website was created by Birmingham Web Designer Matthew Grocott Driving school in Midlothian.Focus Driving Instruction is a driving school that prides itself on safe driving for life and to show that you can drive a performance vehicle safely and still have lots of fun. Full licence holder. If you have a licence and struggle with any aspect of driving I can fix it, or if you haven’t driven in a while and need to get back on the road please contact me. Driving school in Midlothian. About me. I qualified as an ADI in 2009 and I love every minute of teaching. I have a passion for all things ford as you can tell by my choice of tuition vehicle. I also have a passion for keeping our young drivers safe by showing how to drive a performance vehicle safely. My hobbies are walking my 2 westies Meg & Gem. I also love to spend time with my nephew. Driving school in Midlothian. I love motorsport (rallying being my favourite) and love ford cars. How to drive safely. Belt up.All passengers are my responsibility. Respect the Highway code. Rules are there to protect us all. Obey the speed limit. My car is made of metal, pedestrians and children are not. Check my tyres. Both for wear and for correct inflation, including the spare. Driving School in Midlothian. Drive sober. When Iam drunk or on drugs, Iam a danger to the road. Protect my children. Keep them safe in car seats. Pay attention. Calling an texting make me dangerous. Stop me when I’m tired. Getting there late is better than not at all. Be courteous and considerate.Respect other drivers. Driving School in Midlothian.

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